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Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS’s) are a sub-set of Energy Storage Systems (ESS’s). ESS is a general term for the ability of a system to store energy using thermal, electro-mechanical or electro-chemical solutions. A BESS utilizes an electro-chemical solution.

The market for BESS technology and Li-ion batteries is growing very rapidly and demand is coming from a wide range of industries and users, many of which are not aware of the risks involved. Consumers are using Li-ion battery technology extensively in their everyday lives – in everything from smartphones to laptops and hybrid cars – and organizations are embracing BESS technology for everything from renewable energy storage to electric cars.

With state-of-the-art power conversion and energy storage technologies, Inzeal Energy offers high-efficiency power conditioning capabilities for demand management, power dispatch, renewable energy smoothing, etc. The ESS integrates bi-directional power conditioning and battery devices, site controllers, and a cloud management system to provide comprehensive energy storage for residential, commercial and utility applications. Our Li-ion battery portfolio covers cells, modules (24V, 48V), cabinets (indoor/outdoor) and containers, which offer customers excellent scalability and adaptability to a wide variety of requirements. Customized pack design is also available upon request.

Beyond enabling the increased use of renewable electricity generation, improved energy storage technologies have several benefits:

  • Security: A more efficient grid that is more resistant to disruptions.
  • Environment: Decreased carbon dioxide emissions from a greater use of clean electricity
  • Economy: Increase in the economic value of wind and solar power